Funding Partners

The Scattergood Foundation believes major disruption is needed to build a stronger, more effective, compassionate, and inclusive health care system — one that improves well-being and quality of life as much as it treats illness and disease. At the Foundation, we THINK, DO, and SUPPORT in order to establish a new paradigm for behavioral health, which values the unique spark and basic dignity in every human. 

Peg’s Foundation believes in relevant and innovative, and at times disruptive ideas to improve access to care and treatment for the seriously mentally ill. We strive to promote the implementation of a stronger, more effective, compassionate, and inclusive health care system for all. Our Founder, Peg Morgan, guided us to “Think Bigger”, and to understand recovery from mental illness is the expectation, and mental wellness is integral to a healthy life. 

As grantmaker, partner, and advocate, the Tower Foundation strengthens organizations and works to change systems to improve the lives of young people with learning disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorders, and intellectual disabilities. 

The Patrick P. Lee Foundation is a family foundation with two core funding areas – Education and Mental Health. The Foundation’s primary investments in education are through its scholarship programs in engineering, technology and mental health. The Foundation’s investments in mental health focus on strengthening the  workforce, supporting community programs and services, advocating for increased public funding, and building the mental health literacy of the community.